Shalini Kasida

Shalini Kasida serves as the Champions Network™’s Consultant as well as a board member of Doc Wayne. As a consultant, Shalini supports the Champions Network™ team in cultivating relationships with partners, creating strategic planning for the future of the Champions Network™, and supporting the formalization of the credentialing program. Prior to Doc Wayne, Shalini was the Operations Director at Parents for Peace, a non-profit organization that focuses on prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation of individuals that are moving toward a path of violent extremism. Shalini is an established board member and advisor to several Executive Directors including the National Police Foundation’s Center on Mass Violence and Expedition Ayiti. Prior to Shalini’s work in the non-profit sector, she worked for 25 years in leadership and management roles, managing consulting practices, pre-sales, and product marketing groups at enterprise software companies. She is a graduate of the University of Greenwich, London, UK.