The Champions Network is a virtual training portal created for coaches, clinicians, and teachers to harness the power of sport to improve mental health for all. Trainings related to trauma-informed sport and Doc Wayne’s innovative Creating Champions curriculum are available for individuals and organizations.

Doc Wayne created The Champions Network with the vision of making sport-based mental health services accessible to all youth by empowering coaches, clinicians, and teachers to utilize sport in a therapeutic manner. 

We look forward to releasing a formal sport-based therapy certification program in 2021 to supplement the available trainings listed below. More information about this new initiative is available upon request.


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Available Trainings

Beginning September 2020, The Champions Network will feature the following trainings:

  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Mental Health 101 for Coaches & Sport-Based Youth Development Professionals
  • Creating Champions Level 1 (Coach & Clinician Track)
  • Coaching & Consultation on the Topics of Mental Health, Sport, Trauma-Informed Care, & Re-Entry to Play 

*Please contact Rebekah Roulier at if you are seeking a personalized, custom training*

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In an effort to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health, Doc Wayne is also building a “Champions Circle” – a team of professional athletes who advocate for social change and mental health awareness. The Champions Network features conversations with these champions to foster transparency and action surrounding mental health.

Members of the Champions Circle share insight into their own experiences with mental health as it relates to being an athlete. More information regarding who is part of this elite group will be available soon.

Our Vision

The Champions Network aims to:

  • Professionalize sport-based therapy (similar to the professionalization of play therapy)
  • Extend Doc Wayne’s reach across the country and globe
  • Support more youth and families facing mental health challenges

Doc Wayne envisions a world where everyone has access to innovative, sport-based mental health programming. Together, we can improve mental health for all. For more information regarding The Champions Network, please email Rebekah Roulier at