Doc Wayne Champions Network® Facilitator Natasha N. Goss Publishes First Children’s Book

Geared towards children and caregivers, the book focuses on working 

through “big feelings” and emotions 


BOSTON (March 19, 2024) – Doc Wayne Youth Services (“Doc Wayne”), a nonprofit innovator of sport-based mental health therapy that has impacted hundreds of thousands of youth worldwide, today announced that Natasha N. Goss, a Facilitator for its Champions Network®  external training program, has published her first children’s book. 


Ace Talks About Feelings and Emotions features Ace, a four-year-old boy with a ton of energy and “big emotions.” Throughout the book, Ace teaches readers about twelve different emotions – including the seven most common and biggest emotions: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and embarrassment – as he navigates them with the help of his mother and grandmother. As Ace’s character portrays a young Black American boy, this book can be used as a tool to help other young boys of color learn the importance of sharing their emotions with others rather than suppressing them.


“As a single Black mother raising a little boy in the inner-city, I often struggled with how to teach my son about emotional intelligence. As my son grew up, he was faced with many situations that dictated for him to not show his emotions and “be a man”, or “act tough”, which contradicted the values and beliefs I tried to instill in him,” Goss shared. “I wish that I had books back then similar to the one I recently wrote that I could have used as a guide. It would have been refreshing for my son to see someone who mirrored him navigate through similar feelings.”


“Doc Wayne does an amazing job connecting with young people and helping them recognize and talk through their feelings in a positive way,” Goss continued. “Through this book and my continued work with Doc Wayne, we will be able to help more young people and their families thrive. Coping with emotions and the challenges they can sometimes present is a vital piece of achieving goals.”


Natasha’s work as a training facilitator at Doc Wayne includes training external partners such as sports coaches, clinicians, and others who work in youth development. Her experience and expertise as a mother, grandmother, speaker, author, and educator help to inform her role at Doc Wayne, in addition to providing valuable insight for her latest book.


“Natasha serves as an excellent resource for the Champions Network® as a training facilitator. She is able to engage participants with her warm and funny personality in a way that captures their attention while focusing on the concepts of mental health,” Dr. Ramona Cox, Director of The Champions Network® shared. “I enjoy training side by side with Tasha and am excited that, through her latest book, parents and caregivers will have access to her experience and insight as they support the young people in their lives!”


Partial proceeds from the sales of Ace Talks About Feelings and Emotions are being donated to Doc Wayne to support the organization’s BIPOC initiatives. Learn more and purchase a copy. 




About Natasha N. Goss

Natasha N. Goss is a compelling storyteller, author, and dynamic speaker who enjoys connecting with people and helping them recognize their potential and purpose. Through artistic writing and life-giving words, she strives to uplift, inspire, motivate, educate, and encourage men, women, and most recently, children from all walks of life. She currently resides in Boston, MA with her loving family.


About Doc Wayne’s Champions Network®

In response to ongoing requests, in 2020 Doc Wayne launched its Champions Network®  training programs. Clinicians, teachers, coaches and other youth development professionals around the world are trained in how to provide trauma-informed, sport-based and equity-focused mental health support. Thus far, Doc Wayne has trained people and organizations in 32 countries (including conflict zones), impacting hundreds of thousands of youth worldwide.  

About Doc Wayne Youth Services

Doc Wayne is an innovator and provider of sport-based mental health therapy for youth. We provide services, tools and training that address emotional, behavioral, traumatic, racial, gender, and cultural-based barriers by providing equitable access to better mental health for all. Our clinician-led curricula puts sport into practice; programs are held in a gym or on a field at schools, community centers and in clinical settings. The approach fosters openness and trust that enables healing, the development of life skills and learning teamwork, with the benefits of physical activity. Strengthening the social-emotional skills in young learners helps to build healthier, more resilient global communities. Doc Wayne, headquartered in Boston with an office in Allston, MA, also has a growing team worldwide. 



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