Chalk Talk®is Doc Wayne’s sports-based group therapy program, offered on-site at partner schools and youth organizations. Led by our staff of clinician-coaches, Chalk Talk®helps students develop social-emotional learning skills and positive relationships with peers and adults.

Sports-based therapy is a form of group therapy that uses team sports and physical activity as the medium for positive youth development.

Through sport, our clinician-coaches help students work through trauma, anxiety, ADD, and other mental health challenges to make connections between positive behavior on the field and off.

Therapy carries social stigma, but sport has the power to change the conversation. It provides common ground for students of all ages and abilities to connect, and creates a real-time experience for them to learn and master skills. Rather than practicing skills in an office setting while discussing past and future scenarios, students take to the court or field to fully engage in the moment.

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Doc Wayne’s Creating Champions curriculum layers clinical and social-emotional learning goals onto an intuitive sports framework. Four fundamental constructs – teamwork, communication, resilience, and confidence — are broken into 30 teachable skills that all ladder up to connectedness. During sport-based group therapy sessions, clinician-coaches help students process these skills in real-time and relate them back to their lives.

Doc Wayne currently serves the Metro Boston and MetroWest regions of Massachusetts, with plans to expand in 2019/2020.

Doc Wayne is the the only non-profit in the country that employs licensed clinicians to lead sports-based therapy for students with social-emotional and behavioral challenges.

There are a variety of ways to help Doc Wayne’s team serve more students in the community. In addition to bringing our program to your school or youth-centric organization here, you can also volunteer, intern, make a donation, or sponsor a student scholarship.