Program Overview

Doc Wayne is an award-winning non-profit leading the field of sport-based therapy and catalyzing a mental health movement. We provide training, tools, and services that address emotional, behavioral, traumatic, racial, gender, and cultural-based barriers by providing equitable access to better mental health for all. Our clinician-led curricula put sport into practice, strengthening social-emotional skills in young learners to build healthier, more resilient global communities.

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Our Impact

Over the years, Doc Wayne has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth. Our program continues to grow and evolve in order to better address the diverse needs of our students. Click below to find out more about our impact!

The Doc Wayne team includes our dedicated staff, generous supporters, tireless volunteers, and the many brave students who commit to healthier lifestyles by engaging in our program.


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There are many ways you can get involved with Doc Wayne and make a difference in the lives of students! Please contact today for additional information on the many opportunities.