Aki Vivekanandan

As a clinical intern at Doc Wayne, Aki is responsible for facilitating Chalk Talk groups and Therapeutic recesses at different schools in Boston. She also takes on clients for individual therapy. After getting her B.S. in Psychology and a Paralegal Certification from Suffolk University, Aki continues her education at Suffolk as a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling and Crime and Justice candidate. Growing up in India, Aki attended a boarding school that integrated sports and yoga as a daily routine. In high school, she was involved in a variety of sports like soccer, softball, volleyball, cricket, and other Indian sports like ‘Kho-Kho’ and ‘Kabaddi.’ Aki also spent two years during high school learning an ancient Indian martial art called ‘Kalaripayattu.’ Aki is excited and proud to be a part of an organization such as Doc Wayne, which pioneers in creating treatment plans based on sports to build resilience in children and young adults. Aki hopes to create a significant positive impact in the world with her work, much like Doc Wayne!