To maintain human connection & promote mental wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic, Doc Wayne is expanding services to ALL those in need of support during these challenging times. You can help a friend or loved one access virtual mental health support by purchasing a Doc Wayne Gift Card today!

Doc Wayne Provides:

  • 1:1 Clinical support for all ages
  • Innovative, stigma-free coaching approach
  • HIPAA compliant calls or video calls via Zoom
  • Opportunities to talk through thoughts & feelings with a trained clinician in the comfort of your own home

Gift Cards Available:

  • $40 Gift Card for a 30 Minute Virtual Session
  • $75 Gift Card for a 60 Minute Virtual Session
  • $200 Gift Card for a 4 Session Package
  • $275 Gift Card for a 6 Session Package

Purchase a Doc Wayne Gift Card today to support those you love & our game changing work all at once. Questions? Please email or call 617.504.1284


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